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SOLAS / QQI 2 Days Location of Underground Services
Course objectives

The aim of this course is to provide the participants with the required knowledge and skills to carry out the location and avoidance of underground services when involved with excavation works. This is a safe system of work looking at the different steps that should be taken prior and during excavation for locating underground services such as (Bord Gais Pipes, Electrical cables low/medium/high voltage, Water and Sewer pipes, telecommunication cables-fibre optic and others-cable TV etc.  

Course Description:
  • Introduction: Problems with Location – Safety Discussion-COP on underground services-SSWP.Location of Underground Services
  • Consequences of Damage to and with Underground Services.
  • Where can you expect to find Underground Services.
  • Planned/ Emergency. (Procedures to be followed) ·
  • Locating with C.A.T. & Genny.
  • Operating the C.A.T. & Genny.
  • Locator detects three different signals: v Power Mode v Radio Mode v Applied Signal.
  • Locating Techniques- Pinpointing – Searching- Tracing- Cable Direction
  • Search using Grid Pattern.
  • Genny Transmitter- Principles of Operation · Applying a Signal by: Induction, Direct Connection/Clamping,
  • Active Search.
  • Layer Digging.
  • Practical Assessment.
  • Written Assessment.



The Instructors/ Examiners are registered with FAS.
Min. Entry Requirement:
Construction Safe Pass or CIF Cards
Min. Number to an Instructor:
Max. Number to an Instructor:
Course Dates:
Monday 20th - Tuesday 21st May 2024
Course Venue:
Crystal Safety Services, Unit 26, Clonroad Business Park, Ennis, Co. Clare
Course Times:
09:00-16:00 daily
Course Duration:
2 days
5 years with CSCS Card with SOLAS and QQI Certificate
1 passport photo per delegate, SOLAS Safe Pass or CIF Cards and personal details
Safety Footwear, Gloves, Class 3 Safety Jacket/Top, Reflective leggings/trousers