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Abrasive Wheels Training

Under current legislation, all employees who are involved with the use of Abrasive Wheels are required to have received suitable and sufficient training, and be authorised in writing to operate such machinery.

Key Benefits:
  • Staff brought up to date with current working practices and legislationAbrasive Wheels - Ensuring that you comply with legislation
  • Ensuring that you comply with legislation
  • Reduce the risk of wheels bursting, causing possible injury
  • Reduction in risk of injuries to staff

Course Content:

Courses are tailored to the individual needs of the company
  1. Introduction
    Course administration, aims and objectives.

  2. Legislation and Guidance 
    Hazards arising from use. Accident causation and costs. The Requirements of the Regulations. Advisory Literature

  3. Wheel Selections
    Discussion concerning materials (hard & soft), materials to be removed, work piece geometry, machine types, speed and feeds, wet or dry operating conditions and dressing methods.

  4. Wheel Storage
    Methods of storage, handling and Transporting Wheels. Discussion concerning the effects of atmospheric working conditions, protection from shock loading, cushioning between wheels, support from bending and distortion, and shock rotation.

  5. Wheel Types 
    Discussion on wheel size, shape, function, and fixing methods. 

  6. Wheel Markings
    Methods of Marking as to Type and Speed. Discussion on British Standards marking system, BS4481, denoting abrasive type, grain, grade or hardness and bond type.

  7. Methods of Testing and Inspection for Damage

  8. Function of all components and the correct Method of Mounting and Balancing.

  9. Methods of Dressing an Abrasive wheel

  10. The Adjustment of the Rest 

  11. Practical Demonstration
    Practical sessions on the procedures to be followed when mounting abrasive wheels on to various types of machines.

  12. Final Questions
    End of course forum, question and answer session


Max. Number to an Instructor:
Course Venue:
Companies Premises
Course Duration:
4 hours per session
Certification For:
2 Years