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Neonate Resuscitation Programme

A goal of Neonatal Resuscitation Programme is to have someone skilled in neonatal resuscitation present at every delivery with additional skilled staff readily available to assist.  


This 1-day, NRP (Neonate Resuscitation Programme) certified course is designed for practitioner level staff, to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide advanced emergency care at every delivery.  (Maternity Staff, EMT’s, Paramedic / Advanced Paramedic). 

  1. Introduction to programme
    The first lesson introduces the programme and provides the background information - key concepts, physiology elements of preparation, and some of the philosophy - that is helpful in approaching the resuscitation procedure effectively.

  2. Initial steps in Resuscitation: Thermal Management, Positioning, Suctioning, and Tactile Stimulation.e 
    This lesson describes the first part of the resuscitation procedure and discusses the necessary steps in initially managing any infant immediately following delivery. Attention is given to the initial evaluation of the infant, decision making, and subsequent action based on the evaluation.

  3. Use of a Resuscitation Bag and mask.
    (a) Equipment
    (b) Ventilating the infant
    (c) Ventilation as part of the resuscitation procedure.

    This lesson has been divided into three parts. Part A introduces the equipment used for positive-pressure ventilation of any infant. Part B presents the fundamentals of using a resuscitation bag and mask. Part C describes the procedure in detail and deals with the key decisions that need to be made during the procedure.

  4. Chest Compressions.
    This lesson teaches the participant how to perform chest compressions while the neonate is receiving positive-pressure ventilation

  5. Endotracheal Intubation
    This lesson teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to assist with and perform an intubation of a neonate. The first part describes the sequence of activities. The second part, a study guide, provides specific directions for step-by-step practice of the skills involved, using an infant intubation manikin.

  6. Medications
    This lesson presents information on the drugs and volume expanders that may be used when resuscitating a neonate. The recommended concentration and preparation of each medication is discussed as well as what drugs to use in specific circumstances and correct dosage and route of each.

  7. Special Considerations
    This section deals with special situations that arise during resuscitation of the newborn and how to manage these. It also discusses some ethical consideration faced during resuscitation.

Min. Entry Requirement:
The minimum age for entry to the NRP course is 18.
Max. Number to an Instructor:
To ensure learners have sufficient time to develop Emergency Responder skills the maximum number per course is 6.